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Geology, Paleontologists & Mineralogists

The Wendell J Stewart fund is so named for the famous sequence stratigrapher, was initially funded by the family, and then later through PBS-SEPM members who have contributed over the years. In the past, the scholarship was established to award high school students intending to pursue a college education in the geoscience field (declared major), and had evolved to include college students actively pursuing a geology degree when there were no other qualified candidates. Funding for this scholarship has waxed and waned over the years with the changes of the petroleum industry and because this scholarship is set up in such a manner that only the interest can be used to distribute funds, most scholarships in the last 30 years have been awarded through the PBS-SEPM main budget and not the scholarship fund. In 2021, a resolution was passed by the Executive Board that allows funds to be distributed from the scholarship fund.

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Year     Recipient                      University Affiliation              Hometown

2006    Ashley A. Jordan          Texas A&M University           Midland, TX

2006    Michael Sorenson        UT Permian Basin                 Front Royal, VA

2007    Ashley A. Jordan          Texas A&M University           Midland, TX

2008    Rachel E. Wood           Texas A&M University           Midland, TX

2009    Bryce Allen Mathis       Texas Tech University           Odessa, TX

2010    Bryce Allen Mathis       Texas Tech University           Odessa, TX

2010    Emily Reddell               UT Permian Basin                Odessa, TX

2010    Bryce Allen Mathis       Texas Tech University           Odessa, TX

2012    Hunter Drozd                Texas A&M University           Midland, TX

2012    Alec Estes                    Texas Tech University            Idalou, TX

2012    Lauren Garrett              Sul Ross State University      Alpine, TX

2012    Bryce Allen Mathis       Texas Tech University           Odessa, TX

2012    Robert McDonnold      UT Austin                              Midland, TX

2013    Paige Carpenter         Abilene Christian University   Abilene, TX

2013    Jacob Levi Hall            Texas Tech University            Wellman, TX

2013    Ashley Kincheloe        Texas Tech University            Sweetwater, TX

2013    Robert McDonnold      UT Austin                              Abilene, TX

2013    Caleb Perkins              Texas A&M University             Midland, TX

2014    Paige Carpenter         Abilene Christian University   Abilene, TX

2014    Thawng Bik                 UT Permian Basin                   Midland, TX

2014    Charles A. Ball            Texas A&M University             Midland, TX

2015    Nichele L. Raines      Angelo State University          Greenwood, TX

2015    Alex Washburn           Texas Tech University           Rio Rancho, NM

2015    Paige Carpenter         Abilene Christian University   Abilene, TX

2016    Paige Carpenter         Abilene Christian University   Abilene, TX

2020    Vanessa Armendariz   UT Permian Basin                  Odessa, TX

2020    Heather Dudley           Sul Ross State University

2021    Vanessa Armendariz   UT Permian Basin                  Odessa, TX

2021    Anya Marquez             UT Permian Basin                 

2021    Alexia Bennett             Texas Tech University             Denton, TX

2021    Emma Fuentes            Angelo State University         San Angelo, TX

sue tomlinson reid fund

The Sue Tomlinson Reid fund is named after a well-respected geologist, paleontologist, and pioneer of women in geosciences. The PBS-SEPM Executive Committee ratified this new scholarship on June 1, 2021. The Sue Reid Scholarship will be focused on helping honor Sue's memory by supporting women at the university level who are aiming for careers in Earth Science. The purpose of this award is to promote and encourage female participation in geoscience careers, excellence in education, and strong work ethic. Funding for this scholarship will be through contributions from members and sponsors of PBS-SEPM.

Scholarship application coming soon.