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The Wendell J Stewart fund is so named for the famous sequence stratigrapher, was initially dunded by the family, and then later through PBS-SEPM members who have contributed over the years. In the past, the scholarship was established to award high school students intending to pursue a college education in the geoscience field (declared major), and had evolved to include college students actively pursuing a geology degree when there were no other qualified candidates. Funding for this scholarship has waxed and waned over the years with the changes of the petroleum industry and because this scholarship is set up in such a manner that only the interest can be used to distribute funds, most scholarships in the last 30 years have been awarded through the PBS-SEPM main budget and not the scholarship fund.

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The Robert Read Distinguished Lecturer Fund was founded to honor a bright, young geologist who had been an active member of both PBS-SEPM and WTGS and was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Donations from various members of both societies contributed to a membership donation fund that both encourages our continuing education efforts by helping offset the cost of bringing in a distinguished lecturer, usually in geosciences, but not required. However, since its creation, PBS-SEPM has never used the funds to bring in a lecturer. This year we plan on bringing a speaker in for an event in late fall or early spring. 

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