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Applied Online Seminar

Overview of the Austin Chalk in South Texas and Louisiana: Depositional Setting, Diagenesis, Porosity Evolution, and Play Development

December 7, 2022

Taught by Jeffrey Dravis

2022 technical luncheons

January 2022

Themes in Western Canada Foreland Basin Stratigraphy: Dr. Guy Plint

March 2022

K-Ar geochronology and trace-element geochemistry of illite from upper Paleozoic shale of SW Laurentia - Insights into sediment origin and drainage pathways in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: Dr. Branimir Segvic

May 2022

The Way We Were: Jeff A. Smith

September 2022

An Introduction to CCU, CO2 EOR, and CCUS: Dr. Ian Duncan

November 2022

Middle East Dust Storms and Their Economic Importance: Dr. Robert Lindsay

February 2022

Strategies for Energy Capture Indicate Environments of Carbonate Production: Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller

April 2022

Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy, FTIR and ED-XRF Geochemical Characterization of Wolfcamp A- and Wolfcamp B-Equivalent Outcrop Facies in the Glass Mountains (Skinner Ranch Fm, Lenox Hills Fm), West Texas, USA - Eric Peavey

August 2022

A Simple Method for Paleoenvironmental Analyses of Shales: Dr. Bruce Hart

October 2022

Geochemical Characterization of the Bone Spring Formation, Delaware Basin, Using Chemostratigraphy and Integrated Petrophysics: Dr. Carolina Mayorga

December 2022

No Luncheon

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