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Advanced Carbonate Field Seminar - B.W.I.

Carbonate Facies and Sequences on Caicos Platform, B.W.I. - Direct Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Geology

June 2 - 10, 2024

Instructors: Jeffrey J. Dravis and Harold R. Wanless

Register by March 31, 2024

2023 technical luncheons

January 2023

Integrating 100 Years of Research in the Mesaverde and Upper Mancos Groups, Piceance Basin, Colorado, USA: Bryan McDowell

March 2023

The Occurrence of Critical Minerals in Fine-Grained Strata: Insights from the Upper Devonian of Western New York State: Randy Blood

May 2023

Re-Exploring the Eastern Shelf of the Midland Basin: Lowell Waite

September 2023

Old Rocks, New Ways: Outcrop Well Logs of the Fusselman Formation and Montoya Group, Far West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico: Andy Roark

November 2023

No Luncheon

February 2023

Geomechanical Considerations for Understanding and Managing Induced Seismicity: Jens-Erik Lundstern

April 2023

Wells under (hot) water? Geothermal Options for the Oilpatch: Dr. Joseph Batir

August 2023

Helium Exploration Workflow in the Four Corners area, Navajo Nation: Mark Andreason

October 2023

Characterizing and Delineating Mass Transport Deposits in the Delaware Basin: an Integrated Workflow Using Image Logs and Core: Jarrett Borell

December 2023

No Luncheon

Photos & Videos from past events

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