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past luncheons


August 2023: Helium Exploration Workflow in the Four Corners area, Navajo Nation - Mark Andreason

September 2023: Old Rocks, New Ways: Outcrop Well Logs of the Fusselman Formation and Montoya Group, Far West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico - Andy Roark

October 2023: Characterizing and Delineating Mass Transport Deposits in the Delaware Basin: an Integrated Workflow Using Image Logs and Core - Jarrett Borell

2022 - 2023

August 2022: A Simple Method for Improved Paleoenvironmental Analyses of Shales - Dr. Bruce Hart

September 2022: An Introduction to CCU, CO2 EOR, and CCUS - Dr. Ian Duncan

October 2022: Geochemical Characterization of the Bone Spring Formation, Delaware Basin, Using Chemostratigraphy and Integrated Geophysics - Dr. Carolina Mayorga

November 2022: Middle East Dust Storms and their Economic Importance - Dr. Robert Lindsay

January 2023: Integrating 100 Years of Research in the Mesaverde and upper Mancos Groups, Piceance Basin,

Colorado, USA - Bryan McDowell (click here to download presentation slides)

February 2023: Geomechanical Considerations for Understanding and Managing Induced Seismicity - Jens-Erik Lundstern

March 2023: The Occurrence of Critical Minerals in Fine-Grained Strata: Insights from the Upper Devonian of Western New York State - Randy Blood

April 2023: Wells Under (hot) Water? Geothermal Options for the Oilpatch - Dr. Joseph Batir

May 2023: Re-exploring the Eastern Shelf of the Midland Basin - Lowell Waite

2021 - 2022

August 2021: How advanced formation evaluation makes Permian Basin operators profitable with oil price $20 per barrel - Dr. Vladimir Ingerman

January 2022: Themes in Western Canada Foreland Basin Stratigraphy - Dr. Guy Plint

February 2022: Strategies for Energy Capture Indicate Environments of Carbonate Production  - Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller

March 2022: K-Ar geochronology and trace-element geochemistry of illite from upper Paleozoic shale of SW Laurentia – Insights into sediment origin and drainage pathways in the Anadarko Basin, OK - Dr. Branimir Segvic

April 2022: Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy, FTIR and ED-XRF Geochemical Characterization of Wolfcamp A- and Wolfcamp B-Equivalent Outcrop Facies in the Glass Mountains (Skinner Ranch Fm, Lenox Hills Fm), West Texas, USA - Eric J. Peavey

May 2022: The Way We Were - Jeff A. Smith

Geology, Paleontologists, Mineralogists

2019 - 2020

August 2019: Depositional Remnants: Common Components of the Stratigraphic Record with Important Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production  - Randi S. Martinsen

September 2019: Depletion Effects of Parent Well Production over Time and Impact on Well Spacing in the Wolfcamp, Delaware Basin - Cyrille Defeu

October 2019: Pressure-Dependent Permeability of Shale Reservoirs and Implications for Estimated Ultimate Recovery - Greg Salter

November 2019: Investigating Redox Conditions of the Early Paleozoic Ocean: Isotopic and Elemental Constraints from the Middle Ordovician Argentine Precordillera - Dr. Miles A. Henderson

January 2020: PBS-SEPM Carbonate Well Log and Core Analysis Spreadsheet v. 5.0: Overview and Utility - Dr. Cory Hoffman

February 2020: Applying a Sequence Stratigraphic Model to Explain Stratigraphic Architecture and the Spatial Distribution of Reservoir Facies in the Mississippian Limestone - Dr. Jim Puckette

March 2020: A Preview of the San Andres ROZ Core Workshop and Field Trip, April 3-5, 2020, Midland, Texas, Guadalupe and Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico - Dr. Robert (Bob) F. Lindsay

June 2020: Well Optimization Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Sarah Tamilarasan

July 2020: Status of Global Ice - The View from Above - Dr. Rebecca Dodge

2018 - 2019

September 2018: Application of Rapidly-Acquired Whole-Rock Elemental Data for Improved Drilling Results: The Permian Basin and Beyond - Michael C. Dix

October 2018: Processes, Products, and Pit-falls: Organic Matter Enrichment in the Permian Basin and the Utility of Core Descriptions in Unconventional Reservoir Characterization - Dr. Jason S. Mintz

January 2019: The Geology and Ediacaran Fauna of Mistaken Point, Newfoundland - Antony Giles

February 2019: Controls on Wolfcampian and Leonardian Slope Morphology and Implications for Basinal Sedimentation Patterns and Stratigraphy, Delaware Basin, Southeast New Mexico and West Texas - Buddy J. Price

March 2019: Organic Facies, Paleoenvironment, and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Cretaceous Mancos and Gallup Formations, San Juan Basin, New Mexico - Ashton Faulkner Bruyere

April 2019: Sandy Building Blocks of Basin-Floor Sunmarine-Fan Reservoirs: Low-Sinuosity Deepwater Channel Deposits, Permian Basin - Jacob Covault

May 2019: Orogenesis and Post-Orogenic Collapse: Rocky Mountain Analogs and New Permian Insights - Ryan Thompson

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