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Help us make a difference in the geological community by supporting our scholarship funds, distinguished lecture fund, or with a general donation towards our organization!

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The Permian Basin Section – Society for Sedimentary Geology, formerly known as the Society of Economic Paleontologist & Mineralogists, has been serving the Permian Basin since 1954. Our organization supports the Permian Basin region geoscientists by providing continuing education through monthly luncheon lectures, distinguished lecture series event, publications, core workshops and geologic field trips.


The PBS-SEPM brings in academic and industry specific speakers from all over the country to present diverse geological topics and technological advancements. Our core workshop classes, and geologic field trips are led by industry professionals in their chosen areas of geosciences expertise.


The PBS-SEPM strives to provide academic scholarships to graduating high school students, located in western Texas and New Mexico region, who express a desire to pursue a degree in the geosciences field. Scholarships on occasion, are awarded to college students that have declared to pursue a geoscience-based degree.  Scholarships are made possible by donations made to the Wendell J. Stewart Scholarship and Sue T. Reid Scholarship Funds, respectively.

See the Scholarships page for more information.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

We welcome both corporate and individual sponsorship. By supporting the local chapter your support demonstrates your commitment to helping our industry leaders and students to become industry leaders benefiting the Permian Basin geoscience community. This allows the organization to further our mission to provide topical education of the geosciences. Click below to be taken to our sponsorship page to learn more.

Geology, Paleontologists & Mineralogists

Advertising Opportunities:

PBS-SEPM welcomes companies who would like to advertise on our website, in our monthly newsletter, or at our monthly luncheons. We have several advertising options to choose from, varying from one month up to a full year. If you would like to advertise with PBS-SEPM, click below to be taken to our advertising page to learn more.

Other Opportunities to Donate or Sponsor:

A separate Event Sponsorship is available for those who wish to sponsor a single, specific event or item.

Donate to the Robert Read Distinguished Lecturer Fund to help PBS-SEPM bring in specialized lecturers to present on certain topics.


Donate to the Wendell J. Scholarship Fund or the Sue Tomlinson Reid Scholarship Fund to help PBS-SEPM provide funding to high school and college students pursuing an interest in the geological sciences.


Please see below for options to donate.

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We can take cash, credit, or check at the luncheons.


Feel free to send us an email letting us know about your interest in donating. 

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past distinguished lecturers

2020: Dr. Lee F. Krystinik - "Oil, Gas and Climate Change Concerns: Seeking a Pragmatic Energy Reality"

2023: Mr. Mark Mathis - "DISCONNECTION: Energy Fantasy is Colliding with Energy Reality"

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