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PBS-SEPM 2021 August Luncheon - Dr. Vladimir Ingerman

PBS-SEPM 2021 August Luncheon - Dr. Vladimir Ingerman


"How advanced formation evaluation makes Permian Basin operators profitable with oil price $20 per barrel." - Dr. Vladimir Ingerman

Presented by Dr. Vladirmir Ingerman at the August Luncheon Meeting of the Permian Basin Section-SEPM

Tuesday, August 17, 2021


ABSTRACT:  Amros ShaleVision™ technology identifies the highest producing zones (sweet spots) in shale and tight rock. It is based on the advanced interpretation of open-hole log data using an equation that was distilled from a unique set of data. The set included permeability derived from hundreds of pressure build-up well tests. The permeability represents the real drainage area in actual in situ conditions. This is extremely critical information to optimize not only well placement but also well spacing. It shows that the drainage areas for different formations, for example Wolfcamp A and Wolfcamp B, can vary significantly. It also shows that the drainage area for any formation can change significantly with lateral shift, even just a few miles. The technology is validated in the Permian Basin by several operators and Chevron Technology Ventures. We can see that developing only sweet spots allows operators to decrease production costs by a factor of three as compared with geometrical drilling.


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